Whiskey n' Wheels Myrtle Beach

NEXT EVENT / November 4th

Wheels N' Whiskey

There’s no better way to enjoy the 1st Sunday of every month than with Whiskey and Wheels. Come on out to this awesome Myrtle Beach event and take in the sights and sounds of all of the sweet rides, all while sharing some drinks with knowledgeable fellow enthusiasts.

Exciting prizes will be given away! Great discounts on food and beverages. This is an awesome family friendly event that we know all will enjoy! Don’t forget motorcycles are welcome!

Only at The Whiskey Fish.

2018 Events

Jan. 7th

Feb. 4th

Mar. 4th

Apr. 8th

May 6th

June 3rd

Jul. 1st

Aug. 5th

Sept. 9th

Oct. 7th

Nov. 4th

Dec. 2nd

All events will go on as planned. We know weather will always be a factor but if you're willing to have a drink and a bite in rain or cold, we'll be here.


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